Books, Wall Art And Lots Of Music

When it comes to industrial interiors, the first things I picture in my mind are greys, blacks, steel, iron, exposed brick walls, lots and lots of metal, huge windows and mezzanine floors.
Leafing through the pictures of this elegant home in Stockholm, I was taken by surprise by the whiteness and serene atmosphere of this interior. It has everything one might need to “master the art of slow living” and there is a little extra added to the story: the vicinity of a shipyard and the water. The building is part of a housing estate, built in industrial style, with huge windows and all the characteristics of industrial style.

The height of the living area is nearly 5 metres, allowing a generous mezzanine level for intimate spaces. I love the display of beautiful greenery and the well-worn leather sofa in the corner, alongside the impressive collection of LPs, books and beautiful wall art are a proof of the owner s good taste and love of art and music.

Shall we?

Photography sourced from the pages of Fantastic Frank.

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