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Book Review: Shades Of Grey – Kate Watson-Smyth

Hello again. Before getting into the details about why I love this book, here’s an excerpt from it and you will immediately understand my reasons.

“Grey is no passing fad. But it is one of the hardest colours to get right when it comes to decorating your home. To find the best shade, you need to consider which direction your room faces, what time of day you’ll be in there, the prevailing weather (even the hemisphere makes a difference) and last of all (in fact, let’s be honest, least of all) the actual shade you like.

At this point, I should issue an apology to all those who were expecting something a little racier on the subject of shades of grey. No, this isn’t that book. But you may well get a little breathless when you realize that you can’t paint your north-facing sitting room in Gauze (as the entire family will sink into a depression) but have to make to with Mole’s Breath instead.”

Yes, it is the humour that characterizes this fantastic read from the first to the last letter. Grey and its shades – the author says the human eye can sense 500 shades of grey – are extremely fashionable today. Beige is trying to push it down from its throne, but luckily someone invented greige, so the matter is solved. 🙂
Any reason why you should buy the book? I could name a few actually. Frankly, I could name a lot, but I just stick to a few. It’s professional. Kate makes you fall in love with this colour even if you thought it was the ugliest and most uninteresting tone on earth. By showing so many perspectives and types of interiors, you will finally get to the conclusion, that there is no life without grey in your home. You need it, because you want to show how beautiful the rest of the colour scheme is. Grey will help accentuate everything else. In contrast with white or black, which sometimes have a blinding effect, grey softens the environment, it can be a transition between two extremes or a soft background, when you want to highlight a pretty piece. But let the pictures speak for me.

Did I raise your interest? You can purchase the book here.


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