Black Boxes On The Hill

Speaking of the Faroe Islands, the most peculiar residential building project I’ve come across so far is the one created by the British Hyde Architects. One simply can’t walk by such an interesting design. As Hyde Architects put it: the architecture proposed is simple, it positions itself and is conditioned by its environment as a total poetic work of contextual, site specific zero carbon architecture.

This residential project, numbering over fifty passive technology houses, had been outlined with special attention to the local climate, powerful wind, cold and sometimes unforgiving weather conditions, providing shelter for outdoor activities, domesticated animals and, what’s even more interesting, allowing potato farming and fish preparation in the sheltered areas between the houses. Each and every house stands on gabion walls, metal cages filled with rocks mainly. This means that no harm is done to the terrain.

The project is located in Runavík and was concluded in 2016.

Via Hyde Architects.

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