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Black and White House in Borås

I always envied the Swedes for having so much snow, but it was time that we boasted with a good deal of the white winter blanket of our own too. We haven’t had really good winters lately. This has been the first one in years. And I don’t mind cleaning the snow off the car or the doorway, it’s such a great exercise. I adore wintry activities.

For instance, this afternoon I am going to have a nice long walk in the woods with friends. For that reason I baked some chocolate oat cookies (I’m not saying they are the best, my cardamom snails are a real hit, my family and friends say. Unfortunately good cardamom or cinnamon rolls are both the results of a baking marathon and a lot of patience.) and after the long walk we all deserve a nice fika.

But before that, let’s take the tour of this fabulous alpine house not very far from Gothenburg, in Borås, to be more precise.

A home decorated with various pieces representing different styles, still, the whole interior is coherent to the last angle. On the outside, the house is black, one of the typical colours of country houses in the Nordics and inside the carefully paired pieces look so good against the overall white background. Though the floor is all black, for a perfect contrast. Looks so festive! Let’s start indoors.

Did anything in particular catch your eyes? I love the work space in the corner, the string lights hanging everywhere and the lucky combination of a little industrial, shabby chic (note the huge wall clocks, they are beauuutiful!), rustic and even boho. Lovely!

Pictures sourced from Hus & Hem.


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