Baby Seals At The Tip Of Denmark

Hope you’re not too angry with me. Yesterday morning I made a promise on my Facebook page: I posted a beautiful video about Skagen and forecasted a blog post l would write later the same day. But it totally slipped out of my mind! Now I am trying to make it up to you. The thing is we were on this long tour in Denmark exactly ten years ago and sadly we didn’t possess the best of cameras, so the pics I am showing here are not of the best quality, but definitely ours. Moreover, the weather did not show its kind and welcoming side when we were there, which reduced even more the qualiy of the pictures. Nevertheless, it may add to the sensation that the area is really wild and windy and conditions can be harsh out there. Still, so so so romantic!
To have an overall picture of the entire tour, here’s the itinerary:
We landed in Malmö, took over the car we booked and headed for Copenhagen over the stunning Öresund Bridge. The intent was to make it to the Wets coast as soon as possible and drive along the entire Danish coastline as much as time permits in seven days. I might even write a series of blog posts on this adventure, after all.

Skagen is a lovely town in Nodrjylland and its primary uniqueness lies in its special position at the borderline between two seas: Kattegat and Skagerrak, or the Baltic and the North Sea. Everything is special about the place. The endless sand dunes, lighthouses, seals (we met them) and most of all, the colour of the two waters: one is blue-grey, the other is greenish. And they never blend, most probably because of the currents. Let’s see it.

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