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At Home With Cat On A Gloomy Sunday

This morning he woke me up again a little after 5 am. I try not to pay attention. The method has been working so far. First he meows. Nicely. Than he becomes a little pushy. Then he uses aggression and violence. He attacks my toes, asking me “nicely”either to let him out to pee or to invite the neighbour’s cat for a refreshing morning dispute over land ownership. Or he simply wants me to feed him. 5.30. Okay. I let him out. Nothing happens. No morning fight. I go back to bed. Five minutes later he is asking me to let him in. All right. I love my cat, so why not? I serve his morning cat food portion. Wow, that is yummy! Finished. In two minutes. 5.40. Wants to go out again, hoping he might have an encounter with the other stupid cat this time. Nope. Heads back into the house again. Disappointed, for not having a fight. So much about my dreams of getting up late on a gloomy November Sunday. I have my first coffee of the day. And this has been going on for days in a row … What on earth is happening to you, Cats? Your biorhythm usually slows down significantly in the cold seasons. Are you crazy, Berlioz? 😀

It’s 2 pm. He has been sleeping on his favourite lambskin for hours now. Hope I can have a short afternoon nap.

See you soon.


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