An Exquisite Getaway Place In Mallorca


perhaps I should have headed right back to North from Belgium, but of course I discovered a gem, that diverted me from my usual routine, hope you don’t mind … I mean, I know you won’t mind after seeing this place.

Helene is the head of the family business Ogeborg, a Swedish company with a history of over half a century,  specializing in high quality carpets and floor covering.

Being fond of the mediterranean sun and craving for a hideaway place where the weather is a lot more generous compared to the cooler Scandinavian forests, she embarked on a renovation project in Mallorca. The house was built in the 70s and needed some remodeling, the architectural planning being shared by a Spanish and a Swedish architect.

Typical mediterranean on the outside, with a pool overlooking Palma, but unmistakeably moody Nordic on the inside, unique designer pieces partly sourced from the famous auctioneer Bukowskis, if I don’t count the beautiful limestone applied as a general floor covering throughout the interior.

It must be quite troublesome to have to fly to your weekend house, but it looks like the calm her and the family experiences every time is worth the effort.

Shall we step inside?

Photography: Erik Lefvander. Photos sourced from Residence Magazine.

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