Along The Danish Coastline

Above thirty degrees in the shade … this is the weather like here. The best advice in this case: don’t move. Otherwise you won’t stop sweating.

I’m thinking of water, beaches, light breeze … my friends laugh at me when I tell them about interesting habits I have: for instance I like watching yachting and downhill skiing programs on TV in summertime, when it’s really hot out there. In wintertime I watch travel videos about the Mediterranean, Provence, Tuscany, etc. Now the summer program is on, which means it’s time for a virtual tour to a remote beach. And why Denmark? First of all because this is a “Nordic blog”, second of all because I love the untamed, wild and picturesque beauty of the Danish coastline, it inspired so many artists over decades, even centuries. Please don’t expect me to give you an exact description of every single beach. It’s not that important now. I just want to take you away from your work desk, make you feel relaxed and start dreaming of long walks, loose yourself in this beauty. Ready?

What a lovely and peaceful sunset, eh?

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