Aalborg – Faces Of A City

Last week was a real treat. I haven’t had the chance for a real week-long vacation for I don’t know how long, so this was one of the best I ever had so far. We are having one of the hottest summers of these last few years and as I am not really on good terms with high temperatures, I usually look for Nordic destinations on the map when planning a trip. I had a specific reason for picking Aalborg (Northern Denmark), it was kind of a business trip for me and my daughter on one hand, but we definitely wanted to add some leisure and pleasure to it. And it worked out so-so well.

If you’re ever looking for a cool place both in terms of lower summer temperatures and nice, laid-back places and not too big cities, then Aalborg is just the right choice. Northern Denmark and especially Jutland is such a picturesque part of the country. I mean, the whole country is very pretty, endless pastures, fields, forests, lovely country houses and that enviable mostly sandy Danish coastline, but I was especially fond of Nordjylland as the Danes would put it. The climate is endurable in every season, the proximity of the sea provides opportunity for so many leisurely activities. We spent six days in Aalborg and I must say we managed to visit quite many places both downtown and in the outer areas. We took far too many pictures, so I decided to split the Aalborg series into smaller sections, i.e. different topics. This first one will be a general overview of the city, I intend to show you a few details of the downtown area and the Limfjord, which connects the Kattegat and the Skagerrak seas. Love these Viking names … 🙂

Nicely carved door


Old Town Details

Musikkens Hus

The Limfjord

One of the harbours

to be continued … 🙂

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