A Wonderful Day On Sandhamn Island

It’s time to jump back to Sweden and go on with the best moments and lifetime memories of our 2013 trip to Stockholm.
Hope you still remember we took a look at Riddarholmen, the tiny island next to Gamla Stan and the second blog post of this series had Djurgarden in the focus.
Sandhamn is one of the outermost islands in the Swedish Archipelago, so if you are planning a trip there, be prepared for the best of relaxation experiences. Endless woods, trails, berries to pick on the way, lovely beaches inviting for a dip in the crystal clear water of the Baltic.

We took a bus from T-Centralen, the central hub of Stockholm and after a barely one hour ride through forests and lakes and lovely villages we finally arrived to Stavsnas, this pretty little town, the place of departure to the remote islands of the Skärgården.

Arriving after a more than two-hour journey with Waxholmbolaget’s ship, we were welcomed by the most serene and tranquil place. October is well after the end of season and if you prefer long, undisturbed walks in the woods, picking berries, contemplating on the beach, then this is the right place and right time to visit. Weekend houses are closed, bikes leaned against the sidewalls, surfing equipment locked up and boats covered and quietly waiting for the new sailing season to begin.

Next time: back to the city.

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