A Tasty Mix Of Vintage And Eclectic

After an incredibly long summer break (I had a wonderful summer and hope you too), here I am again, eager to delve into the world of beautiful, exciting homes, fantastic architecture and images and stories of our travels in Norway.

So, hello there and welcome to a new post on Nordic Home et Cetera.

I already have so much to write about and I was actually thinking to restart with an account of our recent trip to the western coast of the country. Instead, let’s take a trip to the home of design, fashion and style, Copenhagen.

Nørrebro is home to diverse cultures, therefore countless pubs, eateries, indie shops, coffee places, historical monuments, but also home to so many beautiful townhouses.

Freja, who is studying to be a construction engineer along with partner Magnus, co-owner of a software business, are happy owners of this 60 sqm apartment in a 1923 townhouse.

The interior is decorated with “tasty” vintage pieces and designer items, everything collected and paired up with an exceptional taste and a very good sense of space. Practical pieces like the foldable coffee table in the living room offer more serving space when there are guests in the house.

The daybed is an original Børge Mogensen, yet it went through a facelift in the form of a new cover. The floor lamp is also a vintage find.

Oh, I love this wall gallery! One of the best was to decorate an interior is to add wall art. The different pictures tell so many stories and one tends to notice something new about them every single time.

The open shelving solution in the kitchen comes from Ikea.

The bright blue paint adds a nice accent to the overall pastel colour scheme.

The cozy bamboo desk is also an Ikea favourite.

The good old Ivar cabinets from Ikea still prove to be stylish storage solutions and a very good way to showcase the couple’s art collection.

Photography sourced from Femina.

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