A Taste Of Exquisite Retro

Södermalm is one of the best areas of Stockholm and as such, it has so much to offer. And if you are as lucky as Ulrika and Anne, owners of this fantastic one hundred square meter luxurious apartment overlooking the rooftops of the city, you can enjoy the vicinity of a bustling downtown, while entering your home (or rather kingdom) and closing the door behind you, you can hear birds chirping and find yourself in the most relaxing space ever.

Being a loft, the turn-of-the-century apartment has lots of slope ceilings which is a challenge in itself, when it comes to decorating. As for me, the first thing that pops up, is the question of how to plan lighting in a space like this. For Anne, an incurable lamp collector, this was obviously not a problem. The beautifully and tastefully decorated apartment is abundant with the most stylish Scandinavian design pieces collected throughout the years.

Having a view of the beautiful city while working at your desk must be a real treat, especially when you can enjoy the comfort of the fine 1930s leather chair sourced at an auction in Gothenburg.

The beautiful dining set is a Danish classic from the fifties by Hans Olsen. I love its warm brown tone which complements the elegant white kitchen. The pendant over the dining table is another iconic piece from the sixties.

The stunning kilim rug and the leather pouf in the living room add a bohemian touch to the perfect decor. And not all retro design classics come from Denmark. The designer behind the comfy Ari leather lounge chair is Arne Norell.

The entire home is beautifully and carefully composed to the very last detail and it oozes a very relaxing atmosphere. I am not trying your patience any longer, let the pictures speak for me.

Photography: Anne Nyblaeus. photos sourced from Sköna Hem.

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