A Perfect Sunday Morning

I know, I have been absent for too long now. I had my reasons though …
It’s a chilly, but beautiful morning and here I am, sunbathing on the terrace, taking in the magnificent view of the fjord and enjoying the moment.

We’ve had an unusually mild winter so far this year and my biorhythm was changing in a way, slowly switching to spring mode, when real winter hit in about a week ago. It started with a heavy snowfall that lasted for nearly twenty-four hours, accompanied by an icy wind that shaped the landscape and our place in a fantastic way, forming snow dunes everywhere, but making it extremely hard for me to dig myself out of my apartment, make a path to my car and drive to the office every day on fairy tale-like, yet quite slippery roads.

It’s good to have a complete cycle of the seasons, glad that Mother Nature decided to treat us to this wonderful experience.

There was something special about this morning though. Wish it had lasted forever. I put the reindeer skin on the bench, wrapped myself in a wool throw, made a cup of hot fresh coffee, some breakfast, picked a book and decided to spend the sunny hours out here. The entire place was quiet, the fjord was frozen and the fresh snow looked amazing. I could hear the creek in the end of the garden and the strange sound of a bird I failed to recognize. Everything was so peaceful and quiet …

I must have dozed off for a couple of minutes with the cup in my hands, because the next thing I perceived was the sound of the neighbour’s rooster! What the heck, wake up call at noon? 🙂 Yes, that’s the way it goes around here. I captured a few nice details, below you can see the pictures. Enjoy and see you soon.

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