A Pared-Back Home Filled With Light

Thorleif Jensen was an Oslo born Norwegian modernist architect, who spent the early stages of his career first as an assistant architect in the office of Henry Coll and later Nicolai Beer during the period between the two world wars. That was the time when functionalism emerged in Norway. One of his early projects, the Studentersamfunnet på Ås, was considered one of the best examples of functionalist architecture in Norway.

Restaurant Regnbuen in Oslo was another project where he was experimenting with the use of neon lighting for decorative purposes.

Later on he was involved in numerous projects focusing on residential community housing.

Marie Thuestad is the happy owner of  a so-called rekkehus (rowhouse) designed in the 1930ies by this renowned architect. A very old dream has come true, when she could at last get her hands on this apartment in the Berg area of Oslo.

Although the renovation project was not an undisturbed process, because this rowhouse is on the city’s yellow list, meaning the owners must maintain the original character of the buildings and stay true to the architectural elements typical of the early modernist period.

And she did it accordingly, also keeping the original parquet flooring and adding beautiful designer pieces to this calm and relaxed interior. She reduced the number of rooms, removed and changed walls to have a more generous and open space.

Two of Kaare Klint’s iconic Safari lounge chairs in the corner of the living room provide an overview of the space.

My big favourite is the sleek white kitchen with the lovely ceramic “still life”.

Photography: Birgit Fauske. Pictures sourced from Bo Bedre.

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