A Minimalist Country House In Sweden – April 23, 2018

Hello again,

We had such a wonderful weather during the past weekend, with clear blue skies and Isefjærfjorden was all “azzurro”, actually quite inviting for a short dip, which some adventurous people actually did do. I was not that bold, because the water temperature is below 10 degrees (just cooled down my feet a little bit), so I decided to go into town, this time by bike. I must admit I am still quite out of training, so cycling to Kristiansand and back to Isefjær put my physical condition to the test, the terrain being very hilly.

As a contrast to mountainous south Norway, full of serpentine roads (in fact, all of Norway is mountainous and abundant in lakes and forests and serpentine roads), allow me to invite you to this serene country space in Sweden. Unfortunately I don’t know the location, but I suspect it is somewhere in Småland or Skåne (or Gotland maybe?) The house is over a hundred years old, yet the alterations and the minimalist style interiors (probably a few walls were knocked out, which makes this family home look like a converted stable) all indicate, that it was built only a few years ago. Still, the old beams and other features tell us about a much longer history. Let’s take the tour.

You can source similar sofas from here.

I like the chest of drawers in the corner.

Similar rattan chairs can be sourced from here.

Zeena from House Doctor is a similar rug.

Lamp shades made of blown glass create such a nice atmosphere. You can source a similar one here.

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