A Fantastic Loft In Stockholm

Most probably I’ve said too many times, that’d be ready to move into a specific home in an instant. But certain interiors stand out of the crowd. Like this one. Now, here’s how I collect source material: when I have time and I want inspiration or just a little indulgence, I visit my favourite sites. On the way I am constantly “hijacked” by other sites and when something grabs my interest, I save the link in a Word document, to have it for future use. It’s been quite a while since I found this extraordinary home and now I can take plenty of time basking in its beauty and remarkable architectural and interior design solutions.

Firstly, I find the colour scheme perfect. Grey sets the tone, nudes and the natural wood floor softens it and the beautiful exotic baskets, stunning cushions, wall art everywhere and artfully displayed decorative pieces add the extra flavour. Perfetto! Let’s take the tour.

What I’d like to grab: trolley in the dining corner, the amazing wood floor, armchairs, lamp on the glass cabinet and so much more! By the way, did you notice the crow on the beam? 🙂

Via Planete Deco.

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