A Dream Vintage And Gustavian Style Home

Look what I found today on the site of Stadshem. Two days ago I had the pleasure of sharing with you the first pretty Gustavian style interior. This time the focus is on another Gustavian home on the market. Amazing interiors, amazing décor. As I mentioned in the other blog post, Gustavian can vary. There are rustic and classic style Gustavian interiors. This one is the rustic version, but with a few real classy elements, like the bench in the dining corner, the magnificent Mora clock, the beautiful chandeliers, candle holders and I particularly love the closets, where you can hide a lot of treasure. The glass cabinet is the most perfect place to display beautiful tableware and I presume it is an original Károly Lingel piece. Correct me if I’m wrong. Another stunning piece is the antique secretaire, it must be an 1800s piece.

Beautiful, perfectly composed and decorated to the last detail. I’d love to wake up in a bedroom like this, drink my morning coffee at the sunny dinner table, listen to the tick tock and chime of the old Mora clock.

Via Stadshem.

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