A Dream Is About To Come True

Ever since I reached adulthood, I have known myself as a wandering soul, in the sense of changing places. Yet, wherever I ended up, I always found the little things and details that made me feel safe, feel like I had a comfortable home and all these changes (I can’t remember how many exactly, all I know is my hands are not enough to count them) satisfied my constant urge for remodeling my private sphere and dedicate enough time for one of my greatest passions, interior design.

Two of my moves are kind of pivotal points in my life, because I changed my country of residence. The first time I decided to study abroad and the second move was – so to say –  the reaction to the “call of the wild” to quote our famous Jack London. I moved to the land of my dreams, Scandinavia.

So here I am in Norway and the feeling that I have reached my destination at last (a bit tired of changing places) is growing by the day. I am home now. Nevertheless, I suppose I am still the record keeper over here, having already three rented places on my list of homes so far. I don’t mind, because I have made everlasting friendships with fantastic people and I also met my partner.

You probably won’t be surprised that move number four is around the corner and it is an exciting one, because we had the opportunity to tailor our new home totally to our taste. We share the passion for interiors and architecture and have a rich collection of beautiful books and wall art.

The apartment is a loft space of approximately 60 square meters, making the construction project challenging but exciting in various ways. There are slope ceilings almost all over the place so you have to plan carefully when it comes to using space that seems totally “useless”, though I think it can offer so many options when you are in need of storage space.

Though the task was not very demanding for the professionals working on site, it was very difficult to organize the work phases, since they were all tied up in larger construction assignments which made it impossible to finish a bit earlier.

The scent of pine wood, the main construction material, is perceptible all the time, adding a wonderful experience to the whole story. The good news is we are moving in next week and I cannot wait to start decorating the rooms. I will soon get back with more updates and interior design solutions, so stay tune.

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