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A Day In The Life Of A Cycling Enthusiast

Hei hei,
I haven’t been cycling for days now and I was really missing a good ride. One of the reasons was the ever changing weather. When I had time for a ride, it was raining and when I had to work, the sun was shining brightly. The other reason is I bought a car to make everyday life a bit more simple especially now that summer will soon be over and chilly autumn mornings are coming, meaning I’m gonna cycle less and less … Now don’t get carried away with ideas about a fancy car. It’s a nice, fourteen-year old piece that will take me from A to B. That’s all I need in a car.
So, back to cycling. Yesterday we had an amazingly bright August day here, so I decided to take some time off and enjoy a ride around the fjord. I am obsessed with the view of the open sea, you know. And I always try to find new ways to get there. I discovered this nice, romantic winding road in the village and after only a few kilometers I was out there … breathtaking views …

Traditional red houses in Scandinavia are so pretty.

Rusty red on the outside, white window frames, like in a fairy tale …

The water n this part of the fjord is shallow, yet very clean, as you can see.

A narrow and very deep passage

Norway fjords are also famous for their clean waters and this one is especially clean.

A secluded meditation spot

Do you notice anything special in this picture?

This is the mouth of the fjord.

I look forward to the next trip. Stay tune, my friend.


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