A Creative Home With Unexpected Details

Rörsjöstaden is one of the best residential areas of Malmö and this is where one can trace some of the most handsome houses. The sources of inspiration for the 1870 house where Kajsa and Samuel live with their two children were the works of the renowned French urban planner Georges-Eugène Haussmann or rather Baron Haussmann.

Their own apartment was built around 1900 and with lots of creativity, vintage finds and versatile elements from Ikea they have transformed it into a homey and welcoming, yet unbelievably stylish space. Being a huge fan of gallery walls, I tend to look for interiors with lots of wall art. This home was love at first sight especially due to the fine and sometimes surprising details, such as the beautiful vintage floor lamp in one of the kids’ rooms.

The tiny house in the corner of the living room with a lamp, mattress and a cushion is a very inventive and funny detail of the interior, I am sure the kids love to spend time there.

One of my favourites though is the calming still life on the top of the antique cabinet in the bedroom. It reminds me of Susanna Vento’s moody styling projects I love so much.

Let’s take the tour.

Photography sourced from Elle Decoration Sweden.

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