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A Calm Winter Day

During the past few years I have noticed changes in the timing of seasons and also in their content. Winter in this region does not necessarily fall between December and February. The tendency is a quite soft December with generous temperatures and Winter Queen tends to arrive in late January. This is actually happening now. The sad part is that I always loved a white Christmas and as a child, I was used to having snow and low temperatures in December and January. February, on the other hand, used to be a slow transition to early spring.

Still, I don’t mind having had a real winter for about two weeks and during these last two days it has been continually snowing. Everything is covered in a white blanket and I feel like it’s December again. Nevertheless, there is some kind of sadnesss about it, because here we usually get prepared for the new season, a fresh start and snowdrops have already made their appearance towards the end of January. And that was definitely a sign of spring.

So, today I really wanted to get out in the snow and take a few pics here in town. When I got home and uploaded them on my computer, I realized that every bit of this place is longing for spring. Everything seems a little calm and downcast, but there is much beauty in the details. Let’s see them.

Looks like cotton


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