A Beautiful Danish House By The Sea

It’s been quite a long time since I have last made my appearance here. It’s because of the holiday season. Work has been piling up for weeks and I feel I simply can’t get to the end of it. Still, I really must take a short break from time to time and dedicate a little attention to my beloved topics. They fill me up with energy and give me so much inspiration, the possibility to dream away for a while …

Such is the case with this stunning Danish family house. I couldn’t simply walk by it, because it seemed familiar, I mean, the location seemed familiar. And I realized that not very long ago, me and my friend were passing by this place on our way back to Copenhagen, after visiting Helsingør, as the first program of our day on the Danish Riviera and afterwards the lovely birthplace of Karen Blixen in Rungsted Kyst. It was in January, this year, a fresh, sunny day you wouldn’t miss for anything in the world. If you every plan to visit that part of the country, I’d recommend that you take the bus instead of the train, because its route is only meters from the beach and it stops more often, than the train, so you can hop off and on as many times as you wish and enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches and walks in the harbours along the coastline.

This villa is a typical example of the white and very elegant buildings that dominate the area. Comfortable, spacious interiors, beautiful designer pieces, but all in all, a real family home. let’s take the tour.

Can you guess my favourite pieces? It’s the white glass cabinets in the dining room, full of beautiful dinnerware.

The beautiful pictures were taken by Jesper Ray, source: Bolig Magasinet.

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