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Micro Apartments – Great Options In A Limited Space

I can’t tell you enough how much I love small spaces. To design and then decorate homes like the one you can see in this blog entry, is a real challenge. You have to play with the space in a way that you must find storage solutions for everything you possess, yet avoid packing your home with too much furniture and useless items. And you must always think cubic, making use of all the vertical possibilities in addition to the horizontal ones. And then a new dimension opens up, trust me, I’ve done it before. And I loved it.

The following apartment was designed by a Polish team and is situated in the arts district of Wroclaw, yet this tiny home of humble dimensions has all the features that characterize minimalist Scandinavian interiors. Black and white, a few pops of colour, lightweight furniture and light wood surfaces. In a small space like this I would avoid using a curtain, perhaps blinds would be a better option. All in all, it seems like a very cosy apartment for a young couple and that storage space under the stairs is a fantastic idea. Let’s take the grand tour.

Photography sourced from 3xA.


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