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Kvadraturen – Kristiansand Town Centre

I’ve been so eager to tell you more about Kristiansand. The thing is, the first time I visited, I took so many pictures, that including all of them in one single blog article would have been too much at a time. And that would have made it boring. That’s why I decided to dedicate a separate chapter to another part of the town: the historical Kvadraturen.

King Christian IV of Denmark established the main town centre on July 5, 1641. The urban planning method used in the case of Kvadraturen is grid-planning, first used by the Greeks. That is one of the reasons why Kristiansand is a very windy place.

The main street of the old town centre is Markens gate, the pedestrian shopping street very busy in the high season, with lots of boutiques, restaurants, cafés and bookstores. Another interesting feature of Kvadraturen is the huge  number of lovely old whitewashed weatherboard houses attached to one another and together forming street-long lines. In some streets they look like one single house with numerous doors. The usage of white paint is kind of a regulation in this area (I will show you more pictures of white houses from pretty Lillesand) and people are supposed to maintain the exterior of their house on a regular basis. This means, that specialist stores are full of people buying tens of litres of white paint in early spring. Let’s see the houses.


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