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Fancy Retro Style Bikes On The Road

Years ago I used to have a six-gear city bike, when I was living in the centre of my small town and had no special reasons to answer the challenge of the hills. Later on I acquired a pretty cabin on top of the hill, so I had to bid farewell to my retro style turquoise beauty (a good friend of mine living in downtown Budapest purchased it) and bought an MTB that proves to be extremely useful when I take the forest trails in summertime on my way to my workplace. But I am planning to move to the city, sell my bike and get a city version once again.
Surfing the Internet, I recently stumbled across Copenhagen Bike Company, a cool minimalist site with an online store, selling the most beautiful city bikes ever. Even if prices are well above my budget, the bikes look great, three types in numerous colour variations are available. I just wonder if it’s safe to leave a piece like this leaned against the wall in front of a coffee shop even for minutes. 🙂

Pics via Copenhagen Bike Company.


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